Thursday, October 18, 2012

Squash Love

I went to the vegetable stand across the street last night and picked out some lovely squash.  I ended up buying 6 acorn squash.  What's a girl to do with 6???  Puree it and freeze it for baking purposes, of course.

 It's really simple.  Halve the acorn squash, spoon out the "guts", place face down on a greased cookie sheet and bake for approximately 50 minutes at 375°.  Let cool and spoon the puree out.  Place in freezer bags and there you have it. Simple, right?

Need a delicious recipe to use this squash puree?  Try this Squash Tea Bread... It is soooo good and you can use any squash puree, not just acorn squash.  Pumpkin, perhaps? 


  1. I hate squash, but
    I'm always looking for creative ways to try to force myself to like it!

    1. This bread recipe is perfect then. I hate squash too. Baked squash with brown sugar... no thank you. This bread really hides the squash taste while making it semi healthy. :)