Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Special Delivery

Remember back in March when Andy and I built our worm composting bin??  Well, here is a delayed update for you:  it failed.  We had bought the wrong worms.  Who knew that worms differed so much!  In my eyes, worms are worms.  Anyhow,  it only took me 7 months to correct the problem.

Today I received my special delivery: 1lb of RED WIGGLER WORMS (write that down).  It was hard to spend the $30 for them considering I'm a cheap ass, but it was from a Wisconsin farm so I tried to justify it. 
I was a bit rusty on the whole worm bin thing, but I went back to my old post to refresh myself and put the bin back in working order in no time.

Do you have a worm bin? 

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