Monday, October 22, 2012

30 by 30

This past Friday was my birthday.  I'm 29.  That's right, I am now living out my final year of my 20s.  It's been hard to swallow that soon my 20s are going to be over, but in actuality I don't feel like I'm 29.  I feel more mature than that... like I should be in my 30s already.  But I'm not quite 30 yet, so to help make my 29th year a success, I decided to create a 30 by 30 list. 

30 things I want to do by the time I turn 30. 
  1. Marry Ryan Gosling Run a 5k
  2. Take a Road trip
  3. Go to Disney World
  4. Lose 20 lbs (will this ever be off my list?)
  5. Take a mini-vacation with just the husband and I
  6. Read 1 book a month
  7. Try something I've never tried before
  8. Take a class at the local college
  9. Make yoga a routine activity
  10. Volunteer for something.  Habitat for Humanity? Animal Shelter?
  11. Do childish activities: make a snowman, sledding, run through the sprinkler, etc...
  12. Listen to my records more
  13. Spend 1 ENTIRE (24 hours) day to myself
  14. Sit outside and enjoy the outdoors
  15. Go camping often
  16. Drink tea often
  17. Awaken my creative side
  18. Make my own beer or wine
  19. Spend a morning at a coffee shop by myself
  20. Grow a bigger garden
  21. Swear less
  22. Be kinder and less judgemental
  23. Decorate my bedroom
  24. Raise chickens
  25. Take lots of pictures
  26. Learn a new craft
  27. Bake more & cook new things
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Keep a journal
  30. Get a tattoo
Lets see if I can do all the things I want to do.  Wish me luck!


  1. Great list Lindsay. I just did #23 recently (also #4, but I'll spare you the paleo plug :P), WANT to do #28 soon, and have been contemplating #10 & #30 for awhile.

    Here's one more for you!

    31. Update your age in your "About Me" section ;)