Project: Buy Local

Project: Buy Local is a personal project that my husband inspired me to do and plays an active role is helping make this happen.

The city I live in, Neenah, is a tight knit community and I think most of the citizens strive to make Neenah the best it can be.  But sometimes people need a little push to do something they've been wanting to do for some time, but never find themselves doing it.  That "thing" is buying locally.  I understand that it is so easy to just go to the big box stores to get the things you need-  prices are cheaper, they are close by and they probably have everything you need, but these big box stores have major faults.  They put so much strain on the small mom & pop shops that are scattered around the city that many are forced to close their doors.  What people don't understand is that if you SPEND locally, the money STAYS local.  Isn't that something we all should strive for?  I don't want to lecture, but I think it is important to support our community by shopping local even if that means spending a couple extra bucks. 

The local mom & pop shop I have selected is Pansies Garden Centre.  I have always lived near this shop and now I have the pleasure of living across the street from it.  It is a lovely store that has made it able for me to simply walk across the street and buy any garden thing I need (blueberry bushes, garden pots, dirt) and I believe that they deserve the communities support.

Want more sources to learn about the benefits of buying local?  Check out the ones listed below!
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