Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Through the eyes of a Toddler

Finley had a mini photo shoot this morning.  Her pictures are hilarious and gives me a glimpse into the eyes of a toddler.  A camera for Christmas may be in her future and maybe some lessons on not standing so close and also not moving on to the next object before the picture is taken (hence the blurry photos).  But can you blame a toddler bursting with joy and excitement because she gets 2 minutes to take pictures of whatever she wants??

Bare Necessities.

Woodstock going in for the kiss.

What could be more exciting than a picture of your coloring book on the floor?

Good thing my hands are acting as censorship... thanks for the lovely picture, Finley.

Slightly disturbing colored Tinkerbell fairy from her coloring book.

Finley and John Wayne

mega close up of her stuffed bumble bee.

Mama and Finley foreheads

Finley's quilt

view from the top- Woodstock sleeping

 I decided to spare you pictures of the fabric of our couch, close up pictures of curious George's fur, 5 more pictures of half faced Finley, and a picture of daddys socks in the kitchen.  The eyes and curiosities of a toddler... melts my heart.